Friday, August 27, 2010

Writing Reviews for Epinions

If you want to get paid to write reviews, is one of the most popular consumer opinion websites online. For those of you that plan to write a lot of reviews, this is a good site to do it. For those of you that want to write reviews only when the mood strikes you, I don't recommend Epinions. Why? They are notorious for deleting accounts that they consider "inactive." I've had several accounts with epinions and all of them have been deleted for "inactivity," because I let 4 months slip by without logging in. All your profits go with it! Here is the blurb I get when reactivating:

"Since your account was deactivated any unredeemed Eroyalties were removed. However, your account maintains the same ID, password, reviews, and comments. Your Epinions account was deactivated because you had not logged into your account in over four months. If you have any questions please refer to the User Agreement or contact Community Care."

It is a very convenient way for Epinions to avoid paying for reviews, in my Epinion. :)

If you don't think you'll have trouble logging in every 4 months, here is the link to sign up: Epinions. They occasionally offer $10 for 10, meaning you get $1.oo per review plus additional earnings if your reviews are rated very helpful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Writing for Break Studios - Review

Break Studios is a website where you can write web content for upfront payment. The site publishes your writing on their well-known internet sites:, MadeMan, Holy Taco, Cage Potato, Screen Junkies, and Chickipedia. Some of these sites are... well .... not my style, yet I do find some articles worth writing. Break Studios has a lot of "How to" titles available for the MadeMan website.

Signing up requires a resume and links to previously published web content. It isn't difficult to get hired with Break Studios if you've written anywhere else online. They have an editorial process and each type of article is expected to meet well documented guidelines. The guidelines are available after being approved as a writer.

The articles you are asked to write for Break Studios are short and easy to write. Most are a minimum of 250 words and pay $8.00 each. If you are in the mood to write quick and easy posts for upfront pay, this is the writing website for you. If you don't mind writing, "10 Beautiful Indian Boobs," then this is definitely the writing website for you.

Articles are short and easy to write
Editorial process is relaxed
Upfront payment for quick cash

Some assignments can be considered distasteful

Follow this link to sign up for Break Studios, or find more writing sites at 101 Websites for the Freelance Writer.

Flixya - Review

Flixya is yet another social media site where you can get paid to blog, upload videos, or photos. One of the advantages of blogging for a social media site is that it already has visitors and traffic, unlike your own blog where it takes a considerable amount of effort to draw in visitors and get the blog noticed. Flixya has done this for you. All you need to do is post to your blog and you will enjoy 100 percent of the advertisement revenue.

To sign up, you will need to have a Google Adsense account. If you don't already have one, do not fear it isn't difficult to sign up. Flixya will help you network and make friends. You can also invite your current friends by sending Flixya invites to specific email addresses if you wish to do so. Get the word out and let people know you've joined! Then confirm your registration and you are ready to start blogging! Of course, you can also add videos and photos to your blog.

Your blog URL will look like this and all your blog posts are organized together in one place if you wish to promote your Flixya blog.

  1. Flixya is quick, easy to use and can help you start blogging immediately without the time consuming task of setting up your own blog. It takes only a few minutes to sign up and get started.
  2. Blogs with lots of videos seem to do well there.
  3. It is completely free and you can earn some extra money if you attract an audience. Like with all online writing, be sure to use original content.
  4. Flixya's status as a well-known social media site means people will read your blog without any promotion work on your part.
  1. Less flexibility than you have with your own Blogger or Wordpress blogging account.
Here is the link to sign up with Flixya.
You can find more sites to get paid for writing online at 101 Websites for the Freelance Writer.

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