Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work at Home URL Rating for Leapforce

Have you heard about URL rating as a work at home job? Recently, a friend shared a link with me to apply as an url rater for Her Facebook post stated that url raters earned $13.50 per hour.

I quickly checked into it as it's almost unheard of to find a work at home job that pays an hourly rate and doesn't require you to schedule your hours. Leapforce requires all applicants to submit a resume, which I did. Within minutes, I heard back and was asked to take a qualification exam. This consists of a 125 page handbook which must be printed, read and used to answer 20 open book questions. This is the first test to become an URL rater for Leapforce.

It took me approximately 7 hours to read the handbook and feel comfortable answering the questions on the exam. I was thrilled when I passed. Then, I was invited to take the second test to qualify with Leapforce. When I saw the second test, I suddenly realized there was a good reason that they give you a full week to take and pass both tests. The second test is 145 questions and it is actually URL rating as you will do when you begin working. It is done in a simulator and they score your answers to see if they are accurate enough to begin working.

Now, I don't know about you, but I am beginning to become suspicious because calling this a qualification test is a bit deceiving. Let's be real, it's unpaid training. It took me 13 hours to finish the second test. So all together, I've invested 20 hours into this company before being hired.

Once you have passed both tests, Leapforce invites you to login to their homepage where you can begin URL rating immediately. They offer many other types of rating opportunities. In fact, you will soon discover that they have many other types of assignments that require more training and your chances of finding basic "URL rating" tasks are slim. They make no excuses for requiring extra training and state very forwardly that there is no paid training for the other tasks available.

I realized that if I were going to be able to begin rating, I would need to train on a new project that DID seemed to be available. That's where I'm stuck at this time. I've logged in and rated URLs whenever I saw that basic task available, which was ONCE in two weeks. I rated for 3 hours, so I've earned about $40.

$40 / 23 hours invested = $1.73 per hour

I'm stuck here wondering if I train again, how long will it be before the task I train is swept away and I am left to train again without pay. I read at (a work at home forum) that some people are working here and enjoying it.


The Discovery Health Journal said...

Wow, that sounds like an awful lot of work. I hope this opportunity pans out for you. Keep us posted, I hope this isn't another scam. It's hard to find good opportunities online.

Anonymous said...

I took the first test and to my surprise I failed. I was so sure that I had passed. What's worse is that they don't tell you how close you came to passing, i,e, 75%, 80%, 85%, etc... Now they have invited me to retake the test. Oh boy! How do they get away with this?!!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten about a thousand dollars working for leapforce without any problems. The training period is annoying, yes, but the hourly wage is nice. As far as I know, it's not a scam.

Anonymous said...

I just started working for Leapforce about a two weeks ago. I've logged about 15 hours (I work a full-time job during the day so this is extra income not my main source). I haven't hit a pay period yet so I can't say how they are when it comes to that. But I can say that I've seen several different comments from people stating that the practical portion of the test took them 12-20 hours. That's crazy! I completed that portion in less than 7 hours in two sittings. And personally I'm glad that they offer all the additional info. Yeah I might have to take a little of my own time to learn something new but that means that my available work load double, triples or whatever. Within the first two weeks I've worked on almost every type of task listed in the documentation and I actually prefer some of the others over straight URL work.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.

Can anybody give me an answer as to how long it took to start working after you have completed and passed both parts of the exam? I received confirmation that I passed on July 18 and have yet to receive any other emails.

Thanks in advance!

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