Monday, June 6, 2011

Do You Zazzle?

Many of my friends who write at Squidoo also make Zazzle products and promote them in their online articles. I have tried Zazzle a few times and sold a few products, but I have never spent a lot of time on it. I read an article at Squidoo recently that made me think I was wrong to have overlooked Zazzle. SmallHandsDesigns published her experience with Zazzle in this lens: "How to Pay Your Rent with Zazzle."

She explains how she creates and promotes Zazzle products consistently. Little by little, she built up her Zazzle earnings until she was earning as much as $3000 a month. It took a few years time, but it had me motivated to take a second look. I created the products below and placed them in my store. Zazzle is a lot of fun! So what if you don't become the next big Zazzle seller, it's more fun than playing computer games in your spare time and can earn some extra cash!

Do you Zazzle?


Peg said...

I don't Zazzle (much) but I Etsy. This is good info. I have a Zazzle store with some duds in there, but it sounds like I need to take another look at it and make up some new items to list.

Laura said...

My goal is to earn about $100 per month with Zazzle. I've been a member for years but only had one or two products posted. I'm now (finally) putting more effort into my store. Originally I didn't have my hands on a good graphics program, but now I have the free software GIMP which is very similar to Photoshop.

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