Thursday, November 5, 2009

CAHSEE 2009 for Educational Testing (ETS)

The California High School Exiting Exam (CAHSEE) is beginning on November 21st. These scoring sessions for ETS run a week or two each month between November and April. The first session this fall is scheduled to begin on November 21st. Schedules are in 4 hour blocks of time. It is a good way to earn an extra $50 a day if you have some free time. Visit, "Work at Home Jobs in Education," to apply to ETS.

ETS is not always hiring, you have to keep checking back. After you apply, it takes a while to hear back from them. I got a phone call asking me to submit employment paperwork at least 8 months after filling in the online application form.

Ironically, soon after being hired by ETS I completed the online form for Pearson again indicating I had experience scoring aptitude tests from home. Pearson hired me immediately after indicating I had experience! ;)

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