Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where to Earning Passive Income by Writing

With all the transitioning going on for eHow writers, a lot of them are asking where else they can write. I personally feel transitioning to the DS format is worth it, but if for whatever reason you didn't get your acceptance, or you simply want to write some where without an editorial process, here are some great sites:

1. Squidoo - Squidoo has no editorial process in place. They do flag spammy lenses. Many people get to Squidoo and find the publication tool confusing and give up. After figuring out the publication tool, I didn't see it as a worthwhile place to write until many months had passed. I was there about 6 month with 10 lenses before one started earning. A year later, I have 77 lenses and earn about a dollar a month per lens. Those numbers are a bit skewed, because half of those lenses are new and it takes a lens a while to get into it's groove and start earning. Four of my lenses that I put work into and promoted are earning $14.00 a month, so you can see that most of my income comes from those 4 lenses. If you put work into a lens, you can easily earn $150 a year from one. If you have questions about the Squidoo publication tool, leave me a comment.

2. Bright Hub - Bright Hub has an editorial process, but you can choose to write for self-managed channels, meaning you opt out of the editorial process. I currently only write for the edited channels, so I can't speak as to the earnings for self-managed channels. However, in addition to the upfront payment I receive of $10, I also earn residuals on my BH work. My residuals through the edited channels average 45 cents a month per article. From what I have read, the self-managed channels earn at a similar rate.

3. Info Barrel - I have 10 articles published here. There is an editorial process but it is not a complicated one. They are simply checking to ensure your writing abides by their standards regarding linking, photos, etc. How much can you earn here? My experience is it's on the lower side, but you will likely earn more writing here than on your own blog because of the community.

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Alicia James said...

Thanks for the information Heather. With all the changes with ehow this is needed. The old ehow community will be missed. Thanks again for posting this information about these sites.

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