Saturday, May 8, 2010

Writing for Experts123 - 21 articles in 21 days

I score aptitude tests in the spring from home. I have taken a break from scoring though, because I failed to pass the test for the one I had scheduled the first few weeks of May. All I can think is thank goodness I failed. I have been grading tests for almost 2 months and I am really burned out on it. Plus, I've missed writing. Now, I have a few weeks to write before the next scoring session begins.

Experts123 - New Opportunity
I got an email from Experts123 announcing their 21 articles in 21 days opportunity. They are willing to pay an additional 50% of the normal payment IF a writer submits 21 accepted articles in the next 21 days. The email began with flattery, saying it was being offered to "elite" writers and that anyone who got the email was in the top 10% of their current writers. Okay, I'm a sucker for flattery. I agreed to do it! Now, it seems I have myself committed to writing 21 articles at Experts123 of the next few weeks. It should be fun, I enjoy their website.

Experts123 Hiring Featured Writers that Choose Their Own Titles
They recently hired me to write as their "work at home" expert, meaning I can choose my own titles at Experts123 as long as it is in the category of working from home. I am their "featured writer" in this category and for this fame and glory, I am required to submit 2 articles per month.

There are many other topics available for "experts," so if it sounds like something you are interested in head over to Experts123 and apply to write in your expertise. To be an expert you must first be accepted as a writer. Then you must apply individually for the expertise, providing additional information as to what qualifies you as an expert writing in that area.

Happy Writing!

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Alicia James said...

Hey Heather,

I hear yeah.. about busy and missing writing. Hoep it works well for with the challenge. Thanks for sharing.

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