Friday, January 21, 2011

Affiliate Sales at for Freelance Writers

I've been an affiliate for over a year. In my blogs, Squidoo lenses, or other online articles, I occasionally post a link to an Amazon product that I think readers would like. I have had a few sales in the past, but nothing spectacular. In November my earnings picked up, I sold several items and finally made the minimum payout. Woohoo!

In December, the trend continued and I made the payout... and then some... in one month. I expected it to end after the Christmas season was over. I was wrong. This January, I've already made commissions on 31 sales. I guess the economy hasn't discouraged shoppers this year.

I'm not going to hold my breath that the lucky streak will continue all year, but for any writers considering affiliate links, the holiday season is when you will see your sales. Also, it seems to work a bit like residual income on articles. My first year I didn't view it as worthwhile, I did it as a courtesy to readers. If you are reviewing a book, or a product, why not make it easy for them to find online? However, after a year, I'm being to see that it has potential and indeed helped my Christmas budget.

Happy Writing,

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