Friday, December 31, 2010

Changes at Suite101

Suite101 remain one of the best places online to write and earn money. The requirements have undergone some changes lately, so I wanted to be sure to tell everyone.

Suite101 finally did away with the minimum article requirements. They were requiring 10 articles a quarter. Now, they just allow you to write there whenever you wish. You can't go inactive. I've been saying for years that minimums aren't necessary. If you give writers a quality site to write and earn, they will flock there. You will not need minimums.

Suite101 has also tightened up their requirements for citing sources. They used to let articles without sources slide through and they have warned that it is a requirement for all now.

For those of you interested in writing at Suite101. Here is a little more about what you can expect as a writer and the application process.

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