Monday, August 1, 2011

Earning Money Blogging - Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate Sales

I've been blogging consistently for about 1 1/2 years. During that time my Adsense revenue has accrued to only $78.00. I'm hoping that with a little luck, I will have enough to make payout of $100 this Christmas (2012). I've never had much luck with Google Adsense advertising on my blogs.

I have had luck as an Amazon affiliate though. I signed up as an Amazon Affiliate around 1 year ago. (I'd been blogging for approximately 6 months at that time.) Today, I went back into my Amazon account to get reports of my earnings for the past year. NOTE: This is my blog Amazon affiliate sales only. I also have affiliate sales through Squidoo that aren't reported here:

July - Sept of 2010, or quarter 3, I earned $3.49. I soon learned that Christmas is huge for Amazon affiliates. My earnings rose to $24.31 in the 4th quarter of 2010, or the three months prior to Christmas. I was surprised to see they stayed very high through the first quarter of 2011 at $44.43. Finally, the holiday cash stopped pouring in and I find my average blog affiliate sales at $16.12 for the quarter.

I can't report quarter 3 of 2011 yet, because it is still accruing. However, it is already at $7.78 for the month of July. Some rough estimating tells me that if I also earn $7 in August and September, I'll make $21 this quarter.

That is 6 times what I earned in Q3 last year, my first quarter as an Amazon affiliate. If I also have 6 times the earnings that I did last year in Q4 and Q1, it will renew my faith that blogging can be profitable with a lot of hard work and a little patience.

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