Thursday, September 15, 2011

Squidoo Earnings for July 2011 Are In!

The Squidoo earnings for July 2011 are in. For me, it's the highest payout ever at $610.54. I have only 139 lenses at Squidoo. For the past 6 months, I've been focusing on making sure the lenses I already have earn well, rather than making more lenses.

I voluntarily post my earnings at Squidoo to show my writing friends just how profitable it can be. Here is the entire year of 2011:

Jan - 260.94
Feb - 324.32
Mar - 373.85
Apr - 386.49 <--------It's been just under 1 year since I began investing more time here at Squidoo. My average earnings are almost $400 per month!
May - 361.09
Jun - 459.25
Jul - 610.54

Payment at Squidoo runs 2 months behind, so these are earnings for July paid to me on September 15th. I won't know how much I earned this month (Sept.) until November payout occurs.

My entire earnings history since starting at Squidoo, can be found at: How to Write and Article at Squidoo.


Steven Diggs Jr. said...

That is amazing. Keep up the good work.

New Energy said...

Congratulations on your July online earnings from Squidoo!
It is very encouraging and inspirational to know that there are people who make this amount of money from their online writing. At least, you get compensated for the time and effort you take to write quality content.
I believe that high earnings for Squidoo writers are related with the fact that Squidoo was not as much affected by Google's algorithm change as other writing sites, and articles on Squidoo managed to maintain their high ranking in Google search engine results. Of course, the quality of Squidoo lenses is undoubtedly high and each lense is a lengthy, informative article, so this should not come as a surprise.
There are also other sites to try writing for, and one of them is Knoji, formerly known as Factoidz. Earnings can be quite handsome with a little bit of effort.

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