Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Earn Money Writing for

When was so new that the main page of the site still had no Google Page Rank, I tried my hand at it. Here were the results.
  • Day 1: Submitted 4 articles for
  • Day 2: 173 views. No earnings yet.
  • Day 3: 207 views. I earned 66 cents.
  • Day 4: 6 articles, 240 views, 66 cents.
  • Day 7: 9 articles, 515 views, 92 cents.
  • Day 17: 10 articles, 750 views, $1.18.
  • Day 40: 12 articles, 1872 views, $2.06.
It's early in the game, but many of my articles are making it to the top of Google. That is a very good sign and surprising given the overall site Page Rank. I submit each article to Digg after I write it to help get it indexed by Google faster. At this time, I can see that my articles are going to average about 5 views a day, or 150 per month. They get a small boost in traffic when initially published, because they are listed on the main page under "New Fives," but soon after they fall to about 5 views per day.

Pros of Writing for List My Five

  1. The publishing tool provided by the website is very well designed and allows you to share your newly published article with your Facebook and Twitter friends immediately. I have never seen a publishing tool that was this easy to maneuver and free from glitches.
  2. The article views update almost instantly. You can literally refresh each minute and see your view count increase.
  3. The writing community is very friendly. It's likely that you'll have people commenting on your articles and encouraging you as a writer soon after signing up.
  4. Writing a "Top Five" is fun! The site seems to have hit upon a catchy title phrase that draws out ideas and prevents writer's block. What are your "Top Five?"

Cons of Writing for List My Five

  1. Writers are not able to identify traffic sources to their articles. In other words, there isn't a report that will tell you if your viewers are being sent from Google, other articles, or Facebook, etc.
  2. Because the site is so new, you are running a risk publishing here. It is unknown if earnings will be consistent. Check back, I will keep you updated.
My earnings and views at dropped significantly after publishing. In other words, when I wasn't actively writing at LM5, my articles were not being read or earning money. I strongly suspect the views and earnings that I did receive after publishing were from writing friends getting started on the site as well.

Earnings after a month and a half were $2.27 / 2181views = .001 per view. Most established blogs will earn .002 per view, sometimes expressed as 2.00 per 1000 views. ListMyFive probably isn't an optimal writing website if you have an established blog, but it is great for new writers.

Whether you are new to the world of internet writing, or have years of experience, is a fun way to publish web content. It is an easy publication tool to use. Also, it's motivational to think of your top 5 of anything. Even if ListMyFive isn't your most lucrative writing gig, the experience is enjoyable.

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Sherri LaPonsie said...

Thanks Heather :) I started writing on LMF over a year ago and stopped but might start up again

duckletshut said...

thx for sharing this post - im on lm5 since 2011, but my earnings werent as high as yours when you first started.. i write on their pretty consistently and am hoping my earnings will grow once lm5 climbs up the Google rankings. Best of luck on LM5!

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