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I began writing for Suite101 at the beginning of 2009. Many writers are intimidated by the applicant approval process and editorial process at Suite101. I'm here to tell you that if I can do it, so can you. I am not a professional writer, nor am I particularly brilliant in any given subject.

To get through the approval process at Suite101, I wrote this article: How to get started writing at Suite101. It explains what they are looking for and how to get hired as a writer.
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You will have an editorial process at Suite101. Frankly, I enjoy it because the editors are usually nice and it ensures my work is good quality without having to constantly check my writing for errors. I like getting the once over from an objective eye.

You are required to write 400 words in 3rd person.

Some editors require pictures and some are very picky that they don't look like icons or something borrowed from elsewhere on the web.

You can place links in your articles. It is encouraged for SEO (search engine optimization). Two links are allowed to other websites, or 3 are allowed Suite101. For SEO skilled writers, the links placed in Suite101 articles are "dofollow." (That means they will do more to boost the page rank of the page to which they are linking.)

Signing Up
Here is the link to the -writer application at Suite101. If you decide to join Suite101, stop and say hello.

Suite101 has amazing forums. The writers there are politeand helpful. I have never witnessed disrespect or slander here. All the writers are very willing to network, provide feedback, and give advice. You have to be logged in as a writer to access the writer forums.

The Learning Hub
Suite101 has a "learning hub" to answer writer FAQs. There is so much information there, it will take a while to absorb it all. You have to be accepted as a writer and be logged in to access the learning hub at Suite101. One of my favorite resources there for Suite101 writers is "Where to Find Free Images."
Suite101 articles get good page rank in Google. Articles written at Suite101 can easily get ranked in the top of search results.

But, in my experience, my articles for Suite101 do not earn as much as my eHow articles, although they get viewed just as often. My Suite101 articles average 5 views each per day. That is 150 views each month per article. However, the amount I am paid per view is only .003. My articles average just under 50 cents each per month. (150views*.003per view). To compare that to eHow, there my articles average 125 views each per month, but there my payment per view is .007, leaving me with 88 cents per article.

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