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Best Freelance Writing Jobs that You Can Do From Home!

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As a freelance writer, I've had many writing jobs online. These are my favorites and a little bit about why I like them, including information on their payment policies, editorial policies, and what they require from you as a writer.

Don't be afraid to sign up! Many of these jobs are currently hiring and can help you start working from home today as a freelance writer.

eCopyWriters vs. Textbroker

2 Great Upfront Payment Freelance Writing Jobs Online

If you are looking to earn your money upfront (today) to pay a bill, eCopywriters is the best place to do it. There are other places that offer upfront payment for the rights to your work, such as Textbroker and QualityGal, but eCopywriters pays a better rate. Now, having said that if you truly need your money today, not in 3 or 4 weeks, you may want to try Textbrokers lower rates, because Textbroker pays twice a month, while eCopywriters usually takes a month and a half after submission to pay for a piece of writing.

More on Writing for Textbroker: Freelance Writing Job
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Best Freelance Writing Job Online

I make no secret of the fact that eHow is my favorite place to write online. I just love writing how-to articles. eHow makes it easy to insert photos into each step of your writing. eHow also allow links to other resources, and articles, to be placed at the end of your writing. For me, eHow pays better than any other freelance writing job online. They allow you full control over your articles, meaning you can edit, or delete them at any time.

I love writing for eHow so much that I wrote an entire lens devoted to the details of writing for eHow.


Online Freelance Writing Job Reporting the News

If you keep up with a particular niche topic anyway, then eXaminer my be for you. eXaminer hires writer to produce newsworthy stories about things that happen in their local area. I am currently the alternative medicine eXaminer for the KC area. I have to say, I’m not crazy about the topic I chose, but eXaminer does have great opportunities for it’s writer’s if you get settled into a topic that is right for you.

More about Writing for

Bright Hub

Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Bright Hub is another place that you can get paid upfront to write an article. Bright Hub has recently had some renovation to their editorial channels. There are some different options when applying to write for Bright Hub, but most writers choose to write for editor managed channels, which pay $10.00 per article and $1.00 per valid backlink. They have a quality editorial process, so you can rest easy that your published writing is polished to a shine before publishing. Learning to navigate the Bright Hub website can be challenging for most writers.

In addition to the editor managed channels, Bright Hub has the option to self-publish. Under this option, you can choose your own titles and your writing is edited by you only. This option doesn’t offer an upfront payment, but the revenue sharing potential is higher. Allowing you to earn more over the life of the article.

Writing for Bright Hub


Be a Lensmaster: Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Ok, Squidoo is just fun. I look at lenses like a collection of the best internet resources. You can create a lens by simply making links to the best the internet has to offer on a given subject. This is a great way to network with other writers. If I come across writing I find particularly useful online, I link to it and send the writer a note saying, “Hey, I loved your writing and I linked to it from my lens on ....” This provides them with free backlinks and you get to know some great writers.

Another reason I love Squidoo is because it’s the online freelance writing site that allows so many possibilities for what you place in your writing. I can add photos, html, product links, videos, RSS feeds, polls, and many other things to my writing in addition to the typical text. There is very little that you can not do with a Squidoo lens as far as online writing and publishing. When I have an idea for an article and I can not think of any other website that will allow the functionality I need to make the writing look the way I want, I know I can always count on Squidoo.

More about why Squidoo is AWESOME

How to Start Writing for

Suite101 is a Great Place to get an Online Freelance Writing Job

Feature the best links on your topic, and help searchers get where they need to go, fast.

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