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Examples of Goal Setting for Home Office Workers

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More and more people are moving their offices to their homes. As a home office worker, these examples of goal setting will encourage success. Are there income, production, or time management goals?

Customer Service Agent

A very common job for home office workers is customer service agent. Many companies such as West, Cloud10, Arise, and Verifast contract or employ home office workers to provide customer service over the telephone. As a customer service agent, here are some useful goal setting examples:
  1. Be on Time - Shifts are scheduled in advance. Always be logged in and ready to work when the shift begins.
  2. Have a Contingency Plan - A home office worker needs dependable equipment. The phone equipment, computer, and phone headset must be good quality and functional to ensure that calls aren't missed. It is a good idea to have a back up power source and back up computer and phone equipment in the event of a problem. A contingency plan ensures you are always ready to perform your job regardless of your circumstances.
  3. Have a Quiet Place to Work - Customer service agents working from home are often told that they must have a quiet place to work free from noise and distractions. You can not work with children or noise around you that will alarm your customers. Set up a quiet area in your home to work and make it your goal to provide quiet, noise-free, service.

Freelance Writer

A successful freelance writer produces quality content that people want to read. Most freelance writers have goals for production, quality, and income. Unlike a customer service agent, freelance writers are not paid a set wage per hour. Freelance writers would be wise to set goals for production that will help them earn the monthly income they will need. To be successful as a freelance writer, here are some examples of goal setting:
  1. Income Goals - Freelance writers can earn either upfront payments, or royalties, on their work. In an upfront payment situation, a writer needing $1,000 a month and earning $20 per article, would need to write 50 articles each month.
  2. Production Goals - Writers who earn royalties are dependent on fluctuations in the advertising market. It may be impossible to know from month to month how much profit writing will generate. For this reason, writers may opt to set production goals for what they wish to accomplish. If the goal is to produce 20 articles on the topic of wireless phones, and 20 articles about knitting in January, keeping these numbers in mind helps reach the desired level of output.
  3. Quality - Many writers set quality standards as goals for their writing. Keyword dense writing without a lot of fluff, or error-free writing without need for editorial correction are some possible quality goals.

Test Scorer

Pearson and Educational Testing Services are two companies regularly hiring home office workers to score aptitude tests. To be retained as a scorer for these companies you must meet certain performance standards. These standards are considered below as examples of goal setting:
  1. Accuracy - As a aptitude test scorer accuracy is the single most important statistic from which performance is judged. Scorers should ensure they can grade according to benchmarks and standards. Take the time to review all the training materials given in detail and anytime scoring accuracy drops, review the training materials to maintain accuracy.
  2. Speed - Another critical goal for home office workers scoring tests is speed. Slow scorers usually are not retained. Keeping the work environment free from distractions to improve speed. Showing up for the shift rested and ready to work will also improve speed.
An important part of achieving home office dreams is taking the time to set goals. These examples of goal setting should help workers get started thinking about what is important in their field. Setting realistic goals and continuing to work toward them is the path to success.

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