Thursday, August 28, 2014

Make Money Writing for

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Earning Money Writing About News in Your Local Area! hires writers to cover news in their area of expertise for their local city. Examiner also offers national positions for their expert writers. The site is actively hiring as it continues to expand the number of cities for which it offers news. They also have plenty of interests from which to choose. If you enjoy writing about the latest news, may be for you. 

Getting Hired

Make Your Application Stand Out

Examiner Application Explain what makes you an expert in the subject matter. As you list your qualifications, be sure to mention places, events, and happenings in your local area to demonstrate your expertise in a local light. In a month, or less, you will hear back from Examiners are independent contractors and they choose what they write about and how much they write. Most examiners spend 4-6 hours per week writing for, but there is no minimum currently in place to stay active.

Write and Earn Money from

How Much Will You Make?

The articles you submit to earn per article view. Your articles show up as news in search engine results, so earnings often spike immediately after an article is published and then drop off over time. Make sure you include locations and helpful information to other people in your city. My experience is that earnings are approximately 1 cent per view. Because earnings are based on views at Examiner, be sure to promote your articles to get the most traffic from them. High paying keyword phrases are not as important as traffic.

Apply to be an Examiner

The Application Process at

Go HERE. Choose an area of expertise in which you enjoy writing. Ideally, it is a topic that you already keep up on daily. This makes research less of a chore. You will be required to submit a writing sample and explain how you can relate your expertise to your local area. If you would like a referral, input the examiner code 13881.

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