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Freelance Writing at Elance - Review

this lens' photoWorking as a Freelance Writer and Bidding Contract Work at Elance

Elance is a website where you can find work as a freelance writer. Many people have heard of Elance and some have tried their hand at bidding contract work through Elance, but how do you get steady clients? How do you make real money contracting through Elance? Do you really get to make your own hours freelancing? All these questions are answered below.

What Writing for Clients is Really Like

Be Your Own Boss... Is It All It's Cracked Up to Be?

I’ve been a member of Elance since March of 2008. I have won some contracts their and I can tell you that contracting with clients is much different than writing for a website. Before you get started marketing your writing skills to clients on Elance, you may want to consider the differences between contract writing and writing for a “content mill,” or writing website.

1. To make it as a contractor at Elance, you must see yourself as a professional providing a service to your client. You must focus on giving the client what they want, not on your own ideas of what your work should be. You are pleasing the customer.

2. You will be your own boss and free to do whatever you wish with your time, but it is important to note that you must still meet client deadlines and prioritize your day to ensure your business is successful. It won’t be a boss telling you what to do, but rather, the business requirements such as tax laws and client requests that define your schedule.

3. You will spend a lot of wasted time working with clients to have nothing pan out in the end. There are going to be bad clients out there. The goal is to find one that works and create a lasting, long-time relationship.

Make More Money at Elance

Earn more Money Contracting You’ve heard the cons of contract writing. Now, why would anyone choose to write for clients? The answer is simple. Once you land a good client, you can earn much more money freelance writing than possible at internet content mills.

If you see writing as a temporary job, stick to writing for online websites. If you want to make a career of writing, use Elance to find some clients. The pay is better and you can find some relationships with real earning potential at Elance.

1. Build your portfolio on Elance. Include your best work and links to published writing online.

2. Add your resume to Elance. If you don’t have a resume, have someone professionally prepare one for you.

3. Choose your rates. Don’t accept less than you can earn elsewhere.

4. Build your reputation. As you gain experience with Elance, work hard to make sure you are building a good reputation!

If you see writing as a career, contract at Elance!

What Do You Think of Elance?

Questions, comments, or experiences about Elance are welcome here!
John Jul 17, 2012 @ 1:00 am
  • I encountered great people to work for my company in I used to pick workers from Elance and Odesk before but I had some issues with them leaving right away because they have full time jobs before I got them to work for my business. Good thing my business friend told me to try different alternatives and finally I found the perfect place for my outsourcing business. has full-time workers and not those that will leave you in pain…as for now I will stick to this site and will continue doing partnership with them. Many many thanks to their staff!

  • Apr 25, 2012 @ 10:11 am
    I had a contract for a different type of job listed on Elance. It worked out okay and was a good experience. I appreciate your encouragement to charge what you can get elsewhere. There's no point in working for nothing.

  • WhiteSockGirl Oct 15, 2011 @ 5:26 pm
    I landed one contract on Elance.
    Most employers on Elance and oDesk offer like $2-$3 for 300-600 word articles. Not worth it.
  • scarlettohairy Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:49 pm
    I've never tried elance but it sounds like a good option for freelancers.

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