Sunday, February 23, 2014

Make Money Writing for Textbroker

The Textbroker website opened in 2008. They match clients seeking content with freelance writers. New writers signing up for Textbroker are asked to submit a writing sample. Textbroker assigns a rating based on that writing sample. Three is a rating typically assigned to new writers. Writers do not retain any copyrights to the work provided. All rights belong to the client after the article has been purchased.When Textbroker was getting started, new assignments were difficult to find. The website was difficult to navigate. Little was known about the company, so there was a fear by freelance writers that their work would be rejected, or they would not be paid.
Since 2008, Textbroker has flourished as a writing website and has earned a good reputation with freelance writers. The website navigation issues have been corrected and it is easy to find assignments. Clients often give very fair ratings to well-written articles. It is easy to earn a higher rating, by routinely providing clients with quality work.

Ratings and Pay

A rating of 3 earns only 1 cent per word. That isn't a lot of money, but it is quick and easy money. A rating of 4, earns .014 per word. A rating of 5 is reserved for professional writers that have provided their credentials to Textbroker. A rating of 5 earns .018 per word, or almost 2 cents per word.

Getting Direct Orders From Textbroker

Direct Orders are an excellent way to make money from Textbroker, and establish client relationships for future contract work. If a client knows a writer’s style and like it, they can offer direct orders to that specific writer at a rate of pay designated by the writer. The relationship is synergistic for both parties because the client is pleased with the writing style of the writer and the writer does not have to fear rejection or a low rating.
To get direct orders from clients, submit quality work. If a particular assignment is given a high rating by a client, contact that client and let them know the rating was appreciated and direct orders are welcome in the future. This can be done through the Textbroker email system.
Clients can then send direct orders. Direct orders benefit clients because they provide them with quality writing. Direct orders benefit writers by allowing them to earn a higher rate of pay for their work.

Textbroker Review

The client, and the Textbroker staff, review all assignments. For the most part, clients and Textbroker staff, give very fair ratings. Textbroker also provides feedback on every writing assignment to help writers improve their craft. Textbroker has developed a good reputation. In the rare instance that a client unfairly rejects a piece of writing, Textbroker will go to bat for the writer to collect payment.

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