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Writing for eHow

Make Money Writing for eHow!

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, the eHow writers compensation program is now CLOSED. All articles currently submitted to eHow, are submitted through the Demand Studios website.

I've been writing for eHow since the end of March, 2008. When you write for eHow, you retain ownership of your article. eHow uses a formula to pay writers a percentage of profits from advertisements. I've tried many other paid writing websites including: Triond, Helium, Hubpages, Associated Content, Constant Content, myLot, textbroker and freelance sites. For me, eHow and Constant Content yield the highest earnings.

A few of the articles I've published with eHow have gotten #1 google rankings! I was rather shocked, but google seems to love eHow articles.

I don't like hype so, I'll tell you exactly what to expect. I have one article that made over $20 in 3 months and it is still earning. I have a few more articles that have earned almost $10 in 2 months and they are still earning. On average, I earn $1 per month per article. I currently have 44 articles and I expect to earn approximately $40 this month. Last month I had 30 articles and earned $30. The same for the month prior, 20 articles ad earned $20. So, earnings have been very consistent.

The best thing about eHow is the passive income. If I stopped writing today, I would continue to bring in money from my existing articles.

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How to Earn Money on eHow

This is how I earn money on eHow. It seems to work well for me.

First, sit down and write a few articles. The eHow form makes it quite easy. It doesn't take a lot of effort. Just make sure you write about something you know well. Also, make sure you spell check your articles. Try to get at least 5 written initially.

If you have a Digg account, you can submit them to Digg, but don't go to a lot of trouble promoting your articles initially.

After your articles have been out there at least a month, calculate the earnings per view. To do this, take the total earnings for the article and divide it by the number of page views. Figure out which articles are earning the most per view.

Use what you've learned to your advantage. Write more eHow articles in the categories that are earning well for you. Also, I take my top earning articles each month and promote them to forums and answer websites.

Keep writing! Keep calculating the pay per view on your articles each month and see what is working for you!

Writing for eHow FAQ's

Is eHow a scam? Nope

How much does ehow pay per article?
 They all pay differently. My best article earned me close to $100 it's first year. I have a few articles that have earned only pennies.

ehow or Hubpages? Absolutely eHow

How much does ehow pay per article view? eHow doesn't pay per view. It pays a percentage of ad clicks. I currently average .0026 cents per view.

Can you earn money from the resource links on ehow? Yes.

How often do you get paid writing for ehow? Monthly

What are the best topics for ehow? Whatever you are an expert in, or enjoy researching well.

Why aren't my eHow articles earning? I see this question all the time in the eHow forums....
It takes 2 things to earn money with an article. Views and ad clicks. To consistently get views your article needs to show up on the first page of a Google search. To get ads clicked you need to make sure the ads showing up on your article are relevant to the article.

My Writing Income

December 2009
eHow - 335.77
Squidoo - 23.95
Suite - 16.00 (Estimate)
WiredFlame (Forum Posting) - 10.20
Life123 - 10.00
Adsense - .95
Associated Content - .02

November 2009
eHow - 288.08
Suite - 25.00 (Estimate)
Squidoo - 9.01
eCopywriters - 23.30
Life123 - 5.00
Adsense - .65
Associated Content - .03

October 2009
eHow - 378.26
Suite - 25.00 (Estimate)
Squidoo - 21.77
Textbroker - 14.29
Adsense from Info Barrel - .99
Associated Content - .07

September 2009
eHow - 354.33
Textbroker - 118.93
Examiner.com - 35.80
Suite - 21.00 (Estimate)
Squidoo - 6.57
Associated Content - 2.50

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