Monday, January 11, 2010

Article Income is a website where freelance writers can earn money by publishing articles. As a new writer, you will earn 50% of Google Adsense profits. You must submit your Adsense ID to get started and you will be paid directly by Google. As you gain experience at Article Income your percentage of Adsense profits increases to a maximum amount of 75%. I signed up several months ago. Without ever having written an article, my earnings percentage has increased to 55% from 50%. Your current level of earnings is easily visible on your profile panel.

The Article Income website is well designed. The homepage has a Google pagerank of 4, which should get some traffic to your articles. You can also refer friends to join Article Income.

Publishing at Article Income
The website accepts unique and already published content. You can add links to already published content in the author resource box. Photos are allowed also. Articles must be at least 300 words.

I received the following message on 2/1/2010 from the article income staff. They are not accepting new writers at this time.
"Over the past few weeks, the ArticleIncome Team has spent a lot of
time and energy combating unethical users who open duplicate accounts
to garner points and referral credit, to game the screening system,
and to get back into our system after having been banned.

We have decided that the best way to solve this ornery problem is to
revamp our entire submission and registraton system. Consequently, will be closing the site for NEW members only."

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