Monday, January 11, 2010


Yet another freelance writing website I visited because it made it to the list of 101 Websites for the Freelance Writer. On a scale of professional looking sites, I would give it an 6. The homepage is well designed.  The current Google pagerank of the site is only a 1.

The published articles are overwhelmed by google ads in the first paragraph. The photos attached to the submitted articles show up so small (a cubic cm) that you can hardly see them unless you click on them. Howhub allows 5 links in the resource section of published articles. These links can be to your own previously published work, but they can not be to affiliates.

Earning at HowHub
To get started writing at HowHub, you register your Google Adsense ID. You earn 50% of adsense earnings until you have invited 10 friends to join also. After you have referred 10 friends, your adsense increases to 100%.

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Logemon said...

interesting. I think the 10 friends for 100% is pretty cool. thanks for the short, but informative review.

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