Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writing for the Untrained Housewife

What is the Untrained Housewife? It is a website created by Angela England that features the writing of the web's best content writers.

I first came across Angela England on Suite101. Impressed with her writing and her website, I added her as a Facebook friend. Soon, I learned through Facebook, that Angela was putting together a website for herself and other writers. She called it the "Untrained Housewife." There is a link to an author application on the sites homepage. In Angela's words, here is a little more info about writing for the Untrained Housewife.

Within a month of going live the website reached a Google Page Rank of 4. Today, I have begun to see Google search results with the Untrained Housewife listed on page 1. Congrats to Angela and all the other writers at the Untrained Housewife on a job well done.

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Angela England said...

I wanted to thank you for posting this and give you an update that authors now receive 100% of their Adsense ads on their articles. And since the money is accrued directly into your Adsense account there is no "middle man". :-)

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