Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giant Squid 100 Clubber on Squidoo

Today, I made the Giant squid 100 club at Squidoo.com. Squidoo is a website where freelance writers can write "lenses" about things they enjoy.. and get paid! It's a lot of fun to create articles there, or lenses. You have to apply to become a giant squid once you have 50 "stellar" lenses. (Their words not mine) If you are chosen, the next step is Giant squid 100. With each of these awards come bells and whistles. Here are the bells and whistles I was offered today as a new giant 100 squid:

-- A special 100 Club Badge for all of your lenses.
It will appear automatically on your lenses and on your bio, a few hours after you’re hooked up as a 100 Club Giant.
-- A 20% lensrank boost for any (single) lens you choose.
-- 100Clubbers get the ability to nominate Purple Star lenses...
and you get +50 points for every lens you nominated that does go on to win a purple star.
-- Don't forget about the Giant Squid Concierge! If you have a bug report just email it straight to SquidooHQ to get priority attention for it.

There currently isn't any status beyond Giant squid 100, but I suspect that will change in the future.

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