Saturday, April 2, 2011

Writing at Redgage

Today, I got a comment on my Squidoo lens of writer websites. The commenter mentioned a website that I hadn't heard of called, "Red Gage." I went to the website and saw that it encourages blogging, uploading of photos and videos and lots of other online social activity. Red Gage pays the people that blog there in gift certificates, according to the commenter.

Sign up is simple and immediately RedGage sends a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed through your email that you do indeed wish to register, you are taken back to the RedGage site where you are encouraged to locate friends and enter contests.

I started to look at what others were publishing there by clicking the "Blog" tab at the top. The first blog entry I saw was "Easy Paper Towel Germination," a useful and interesting blog post. Scrolling through the list of recent blog posts I noticed that the views for each post and the earnings for that post are listed in the summary. A lasagna recipe, for example, had earned $4.89.

I'm not sure about having the earnings published with the content, but it seems like a very useful place to gain backlinks to your articles. I will further research the site and post later. If you'd like to sign up with RedGage, you can do that here.


Virginia Allain said...

Heather - you'll see a lot of Squidoo friends on Redgage. I don't consider it much of a money earner, but it's great for quick backlinking.

Christi said...

Interesting. Thanks for this review. I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you for the review. I will check this site out now!

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