Saturday, April 2, 2011

Write for Content Current

I learned of a new writer websites called Content Current on March 31, 2011. I signed up on their website. They sent me a response right away that said the following:

"Welcome to! Thank you for signing up to become a writer. Please read this email for information regarding how ContentCurrent works, the writer process, and how to submit a test article for approval. At ContentCurrent, we provide article writing, copywriting, and SEO article writing services for our clients. To be a successful writer, we are looking for fresh, up-to-date content, written in a timely manner. We pay $5 for 250 word articles and $7 for 500 word articles once they have been approved by our clients. If you do not meet our quality standards, we will not accept you as a writer."

I haven't yet written my test article. It is upfront payment and sounds similar to Break Studios, with pay being slightly lower. I appreciate their email telling writers exactly what to expect before going to the trouble of writing the first article. It seems like a legitimate site to earn a few dollars. I will share more of my experience with Content Current later. Stay tuned!

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