Saturday, October 31, 2009

Writing for Life123

This week, I began writing at Looking over the website I noticed high-quality articles. This site is looking for 3rd person professional writing.

To apply as a writer, register at their website. After registering, you are considered a member that may submit an article. After your first article of at least 300 words is accepted, you are considered a writer.

I consider their pay structure to be residual, because they do not pay you on acceptance for your article. Instead they pay by views:
  • $5 for the first 50 views from unique visitors
  • $5 for the next 500 views from unique visitors
  • $10 for the next 500 views from unique visitors
Twenty dollars is the maximum you can earn per article at Life123. Every writer has their own preferences as to where they like to write. When I consider how my top performing articles at eHow ($200 and above) balance out the low earning articles that make only pennies, it concerns me that there is a $20 maximum at Life123.

Because Life123 pay is based solely on views, a writer would benefit from focusing on keywords that will get views, not necessarily high paying ads. My first article "How to Make Herbal Pills" was accepted within 24 hours.

I am happy to report that my article got 9 views on day 1, before being indexed in Google. The article, "How to Make Herbal Pills" was ranked number 1 in the Yahoo search engine. I currently write for 2 other pay-by-view websites: eXaminer and Bukisa. Examiner gives me credit for all my views, Bukisa does not. I was wondering how the Life123 system would work as far as giving credit for unique views. I am very happy and feel they are legitimate. It should not take long to reach the $20 pay out for the 300 word article. My estimate on how long it will take from my previous writing experience on other websites:

  • $5 - first 50 views - 1 month
  • $5 - next 500 views - 6 months
  • $10 - next 500 views - 1 year
My first Life123 article made minimum payout in only 11 days! My 2nd and 3rd articles are climbing in views quickly and should reach the $5.00 payout soon. If an article reaches the first level payout of 50, then you've already made as much as you would writing at textbroker (5/300) = .01666 per word. Plus, you have the possibility of reaching second or third level payout.

If you reach the third level payout, you've received $20 for the article, which is (20/300)= .06666, or 6 cents a word. That is considered very good income in the writing world.

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