Sunday, October 18, 2009

Writing for Bright Hub

Bright Hub is a new website hiring writers. The pay is enticing offering $10.00 up front payment + $1.00 payment per backlink to the article, and on top of all that residuals on the article too! You really can't beat that. The residuals can add up to a decent amount of earnings as well.

When initially publishing with Bright Hub, the title selection process was confusing. After being there several months, I have finally learned the ropes. Titles are available at the beginning of the month. Some "channels" simply give keyword phrases, rather than titles. At this time, the location of the available titles vary between channels. Some have them published under the channels writer community. Other channels have the titles available on a Google docs spreadsheet. However, in April 2010, Bright Hub is going to streamline it's article title selection process, so that may change.

If you sign up mid-month, or do not request a title at the beginning of the month, you may submit your own writing ideas to the managing editor of the channel. After your title is approved, you have until the latter part of the month to publish it. Bright Hub writing deadlines are usually a few days before the end of the month.

When you start you will have a lot of feedback from the editors about how to improve you writing according to Bright Hub's standards. I've written for other websites with editors, but I have never had so much interaction with them. Bright Hub has very specific criteria for it's writers.

According to the Bright Hub contract, writers must have a predetermined number of views by the end of their first year to remain a writer. Bright Hub articles rank well with search engines and get good exposure, so that shouldn't be a difficult task, however, new writers are limited to only 5 articles per month between all channels until they have reached proficiency. This level of proficiency is determined by a "score" that isn't clearly defined. Many Bright Hub writers have reached this proficiency level and are not capped at 5 articles a month.

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