Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Dangers of Writing Career Goals

Dangerous Writing Career Goal #1- Writing for SEO and Keywords

Most writers have written an article or two purely because the keywords promised to pay well and return a lot of traffic to their article. I've done it. I can tell you some of my worst writing has been to fulfill SEO goals. Do not begin with the keywords. Begin with your own inspiration. After you have an idea for an article, go ahead and use an online tool to brain storm for the words that will best optimize your article. But, never, ever write an article you know nothing about just because you think it will pay. It is a plan for poor writing. Write about what you love and know... then do the keyword research.

Dangerous Writing Career Goal #2 - Writing a Set Number of Articles
If you are the type of person that loves to plan, it's nice to set a goal. But, writing is an art. It is best done with inspiration. If you are cranking out low quality articles just to meet a number goal for the day, your readers will notice.

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