Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writing Reviews for Shvoong

Shvoong is a place where you can get paid to write reviews. The reviews can be of a book, article, paper, website or movie. The first thing I noticed about the website was that it has a Google page rank of 6. This isn't a bad rank. I browsed the forums and saw that the pay is posted after the first of the month for the previous months views.

I also noticed that their are a lot of posts in the forums from users who do not speak English as their native language. I had difficulty getting back to the main website from the forums as there isn't a link readily available to switch back. I had to type into the browser to get out of the forums. Hmm. I wasn't impressed with that.

I browsed some reviews on the Shvoong website and saw many poorly written reviews, because of bad grammar. It is ok for a US website to accept non-US writers, but when the English is so poor that the writing is difficult to understand, it degrades the quality of the website. This is a huge red flag for me. I won't write there because I don't want my writing showcased among such poorly written reviews.


Anonymous said...

After reading you review I checked out this website. I found they only pay 10% of what they make on your article. 900 words for each article is way to long for such little pay. I would never write for them.

Samrat said...

i liked your blog. shvoong has very low pays it seems. you can try out Triond instead: Its a great site. You earn $1 for 1000 hits. Way greater than Shvoong.

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