Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Writer Tool for Tracking URLs

Sometime ago, I came across a handy online writer tool for tracking URLs of published work. The name of the website is You add your URLs to the site to track them and organize them all in one place. But, that is not PageRankAlert's only feature. The website also looks up your Google PageRank for you, and sorts your articles URLs by PageRank. They send you a nice email to let you know if the PageRank of your article changes.

The PageRank sorting comes in handy when you are backlinking. For example, if you haven't already added links within your articles, and you have 10 articles with a page rank of 4 and 10 articles with a PageRank of 0, you would obviously start with the 10 articles that have a PageRank of 4. An article with a PageRank of 4 hands down some of it's great rank to each of the articles it links to. An article with a PageRank of 0 has nothing to hand down, so a link from it to other articles doesn't benefit a writer.

To put it in a simpler way, if you have a current article with great Google PageRank of 4, linking it to one of your newer articles will help the newer article flourish in PageRank also. Linking to your newer articles from an article with a PageRank of 0 doesn't do your newer articles any good at all.

Not only is a great writer tool for tracking URLs and tracking Google PageRank, some search engines actually recognize the link posted in as a valid backlink to your article. So adding your URL there will help get your article recognized.


D said...

I'm glad to find this. I just signed up and entered URLs for three blogs and my profile on four content sites. For it to word as you describe, do I need to enter the URLs for each separate blog post or article? I have more than 140 blog posts alone.

HeatherBlueSky said...

Hi D,
I entered each of my article URLs seperately. It really just depends on what you want to do. If you want to track the PR of each blog post seperately, then you will need to enter them seperately. If you just want to do your overall blog, then that is all you would have to enter.

It took me a while to get all my articles entered when I first signed up with, but after that I just made a habit of putting each article URL into the website as I published it.

HeatherBlueSky said...

PS., just wanted to mention that I entered over 300 articles and "yes, it took a long time." If you don't want to do that you could just start submitting new posts, and not go back and do the old ones.

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