Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Know Where to Publish Online?

After a few years of publishing web content, I've gathered a collection of places that I like to publish online. When I have an idea for an article, I take a little time to imagine the overall look of the completed article. Some questions I ask myself when deciding where to publish are:

1. Does it require detailed photos? (Squidoo)
2. Is it a how-to? (eHow)
3. Is it a scholarly article that requires credibility? (Suite101)
4. Is it news? (eXaminer)
5. Is it a review? (Epinions)

It is important to consider the layout of the published work on a site before publishing there. I bet you have a few places where you like to publish online that work better for certain article categories. If I were to write a tutorial on how to crochet something, for example, I would consider putting it two places: eHow or Squidoo. If I felt that I could clearly explain the article without large photos, I would put it on eHow, because I earn more there. But, if I felt the article needed large clear photos, I would put it on Squidoo. Squidoo also allows videos to be easily embedded in the content.

I also do a little keyword research. If I have an article topic that I really want to write, but the keyword phrases are low paying, then I target a website, such as Associated Content or Bukisa, where you are paid by view rather than a percentage of Adsense. Low paying keyword phrases and ads do not matter so much on a website where you are paid by view.

Whenever you begin to publish at a new website, there is a time investment in learning the website publishing tool, article requirements and writing requirements. Because this can be time consuming, I suggest picking a few sites that you like and sticking with them rather than constantly shopping around for new websites to publish online.

You can learn more about where to publish online by visiting 101 Best Websites for the Freelance Writer

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