Monday, March 29, 2010

What are the Best Places to Write Articles Online?

I spend quite a bit of time researching new places to write online. In fact, I have a list of 101 best websites for the freelance writer, published on Squidoo. It seems to be a popular lens.

What I've found from listening to other writers, is that some websites are clearly favorites, but each writer will have their own favorites that just work best for them. So, here are my top 14 places to earn money writing online. They are 14 sites where if you can't make money, you are doing something very wrong. You don't have to know SEO. All you have to do is read the guidelines and publish some unique content according to the guidelines and you will earn. Of course, knowing SEO will help you earn more. Here are the sites:

1. eHow - straight forward how-to guides - anything you want to write - minimum 200 words
2. Suite101 - Factual and professional 3rd person writing - anything you want to write - editor reviewed - minimum 400 words
3. Squidoo - Long pages of anything you want to write - lots of backlink and selling potential
4. Type-A-Mom - Blog about being a mommy
5. Bright Hub - Suggest your own titles to editors - Upfront payment plus revenue sharing - 400 + words
6. Experts123 - Upfront payment ($8.00-12.00) or revenue sharing depending on the article chosen - Select from a list of titles.
7. - Select from a list of titles ($20-30) upfront payment
8. Textbroker - Select from a list of titles (.01-.02) per word
9. eCopywriters - Select from a list of titles (average .02) per word
10. eXaminer - Write whatever you want about your expertise in your local geographical area - About 1 cent per view
11. Info Barrel - Earn percent of adsense on articles of your choice. (Not the most lucrative out there, but it is something.)
12. Associated Content - Pays a very small upfront amount ($2.50 - $5.00) per article and then revenue sharing on unique content. Write requested titles or create your own. Editorial process exists.
13. Your personal blog where you can earn 100% adsense if you can generate traffic. :)

Where are you writing and why?


Mattressman said...

First of all I love your blog which I discovered on eHow when we became friends. I am Mattressman on eHow. I do check your blog a few times a week to see what is new. I like all of your sites, but I feel you left out a great one. I write for Xomba as well (my referral link). The great part about Xomba is that you can write quick bookmarks of 50 words or more and they get indexed well by Google in about 10-15 min. I have gotten huge traffic surges by writing quick bookmarks on hot topics and have done well. They split adsense with you 50/50, but for what you get it is well worth it. If you have never checked it out I encourage you to check out Xomba and using my referral link would be nice. When someone signs up they give you a cut of their side, so the author is unaffected. Anyway keep up the great work and blog.

HS Schulte said...

Thank you for your feedback Mattressman! I have heard very good things about Xomba, but haven't spent a lot of time there. I've written 2 Xomba bytes, so I don't have any experience to share. I appreciate you sharing your experience here! You have motivated me to look deeper into Xomba.

zookeeper4 said...

Hello, I found your blog through E-how. Thanx for sharing this great info. I write for Examiner, Bukisa, Associated Content, I used to write for Helium but don't like the fact that you can't delete your work. I have been accepted to Textbroker, Constant Content, Demand Studios, Bright Hub, but have been to nervous to write there. I want to write for Suite 101 but was not accepted, maybe next time

HS Schulte said...

Well Zookeeper, it sounds like you have plenty on your plate. It never hurts to have a variety of sites for publishing. Good luck with them all.

Deanna said...

Associated Content now has a Featured Contributor program where you apply for a topic you are interested in and, if accepted, they offer at least 3 higher paying up-front pay assignments each month. You write about anything in your topic and they pay you for it. As far as I know it is around $10 per article. While this is not a large amount of money, it is better than their typical up-front pay and you still are able to earn residual income from the articles too. This is a good opportunity to earn a few more dollars a month for those who enjoy writing for AC. You can find out about the Featured Contributor program by going to your dashboard. There is always a message inviting people to join.

patsarts said...

Thanks for the helpful article!

I write for Helium and have been with them for three years. It was the first site I found that paid for writing articles. I've made about $3000 total with them. You get paid several ways, per view, direct selling to publishers, contests, etc. The down side is you must rate other writer's articles in order to keep your 'star' or you don't get paid. So they sort of hold your money captive if you don't participate on an ongoing basis.

I also write for google's hubpages. I earn via views as well as adsense sales and amazon sales linked to the article.

I recently tried Demand Studios, and "Demanding' is the key word. They follow a very strict format and edit your artcle upon submission. I posted one about mixing colors (paint) and was told to fix some thinges, so I did and submitted it. Then it was rejected because I didn't mention black (most artists agree that you don't use black straight from the tube and I felt they'd feel this was TMI for a basie article) - long story short (I know, too late) they rejected it. I'll just post it on Helium or Hub - so no biggie. Also, they have the craziest title requests "How To Paint Running Water" ?really? and "Will Glass in My Garden End up In My Vegetables' - sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I use some of the smaller adsense revenue sharing sites such as and They share 80% of their revenue through impression sharing on articles.

I prefer this type of structure to that of places like squidoo. I'd rather share the revenue from my articles only than have other people earn off mine.

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