Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Paid for Creating Backlinks

Do you like to surf the internet? I know I do. Several years ago, I stumbled upon the Squidoo website. Like all web surfers, I was accustom to creating bookmarks for the webpages I found online that I liked. However, my internet bookmarks were often overflowing and pages got lost in folders never to be seen again. Squidoo solves that problem, because now when I find a page I like, I link to it in a lens.

Recently, I was surfing for ways to reuse paper online. I gathered my favorite ideas in a Squidoo lens: "Ways to Reuse Paper." Now my links are published online, in one webpage, and when I want to revisit the ideas, I simply pull up my Squidoo account. In addition to linking to my favorite ideas, I often use Squidoo lenses to link to my own articles to help get the word out about them. Squidoo actually pays users who develop these lenses. To learn more about publishing on Squidoo, see "How to Earn Money Writing for Squidoo."

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Kim Giancaterino said...

Heather, I do the same thing with Squidoo. I have lots of lenses that function as bookmarks of links I like to access frequently. The plus is that lenses like yours on "How to Reuse Paper" tend to be popular on Squidoo, so everyone wins!

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