Monday, March 1, 2010

Work at Home To Do List - March 1, 2010

ETS and Cahsee
The spring scoring session for ETS started a week ago. I was so happy yesterday when I called my scoring leader to tell her that I'd completed calibration and she said there were no papers left to grade! Whooot! They were all beginning to look alike and I was behind on my writing deadlines, so I am grateful that this CAHSEE session is complete.

Since I wasn't grading, I had some free time to get my writing assignment done for BrightHub. Knocked that out. BrightHub is actually fun to write for if you don't mind writing requested titles. If I can choose my topic, I find I write much faster, but if it is a requested topic I always put it off until I know it is due, sort of like a school paper. That is the drawback of BrightHub in my mind, the fact that you must write their titles.

Product Reviews
Today, I have some product reviews I've been meaning to do on the back burner. Writing product reviews is an interesting assignment. The PROS are they give you free products, all you have to do is review them. Your written review earns money in the future just like any article would. The CONS are that sometimes it is difficult to stay objective. You must because you owe it to your readers, but it feels a little ungrateful to say "Oh, this product is a piece of junk," when you got it for free. After I get these reviews completed, I don't think I will offer to do it again, unless of course it is for a product that I REALLY want.

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