Monday, January 25, 2010

Applying to

Today, I heard of a new website for writers, so I applied it is They require an AIM user name to apply. You can get a free aim account before you apply. After listing my writing experience and my work history, I submitted it and got a response that they would reply to my email address within 7 days.

I got a response withing 1 hour saying my application had been accepted and requested I complete a quiz in the hiring process. I took the test immediately. It included two parts. Part 1 was a review of the writer manual and then a quiz on the content. Part 2 was a request to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and articles according to the manual. I got an auto response after completion that they notify those who pass when they are in need of new writers and that they are currently full-staffed, but to watch for email in the event that they have openings soon.

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