Monday, January 11, 2010

Work at Home To Do List

  1. Write the Mahalo rush How-to that I accepted.
  2. Print my CAHSEE schedule for ETS.
  3. Apply to Demand Studios
  4. Apply to
  5. Write the article I accepted from eCopywriters that is due at 1:30 today.
  6. Return the favor for all my eHow and Squidoo friends that comments.
  7. Fix my Squidoo Lens 101 Best Websites for the Freelance Writer. The plexo voting tool went haywire and I lost half my links.
  8. Set up links in this Squidoo lens: 9 Questions Every Freelance Writer Should Know Before Writing for a Website
  9. Edit rejected Info Barrel article to be at least 400 words.
  10. Finish 12 3 Squidoo lenses to become a Giant Squid:
  • lens roll them
  • add more content
  • check the health stats and edit as needed
  • link them all to my other lenses through the Discovery Tool.

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