Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seasonality of Writing and What Earns When

Most of my writing this month has been focused on crochet. I write crochet and knifty knitter articles for eHow under the alias of "Knifty Knitter." I also have a weekly crochet blog with photos of my work. My craft blogs and articles do well in the colder months and I spend most of my free time knitting or crocheting when I can't get outside.

Just to hit that point home on how well craft articles do in the winter. I have 20 crochet/knitting articles. Combined, they are currently earning $6.00 per day. That is $180 per month for only 20 articles. I have 350 articles under my main eHow profile. They won't earn much more than my 20 craft articles this month because many of them are gardening articles. It is important to understand the seasonality of some articles.

I have gardening articles that earn well in the spring and summer.
Canning articles that earn well in the fall.
Crochet and knitting articles that earn well in the winter.
Tax articles that also earn well in the winter.

My green, recycling, and organic beauty articles, on the other hand, earn pretty much the same all year round. My and natural remedies articles earn all year, but do better in the winter months. Just because your articles slow down in earnings.... do not assume they are dying! They may just be taking a seasonal lull and will pop back to performing well later in the year.

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