Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Write Website Content Readers Can Find

To write website content choosing a niche is a good first step. This is an area of expertise or interest in which you plan to stay up-to-date. As an author with expertise in your niche you become an authority in this area.

Go to Google’s keyword tool. Type in a few keywords from your niche. You will see data about how many people are searching for these keywords. This is one way to find what internet readers want to read about. My secret is to develop my keywords around the internet searches for which it says “no data available,” in the US, but for which the global search volume is high. These phrases are often under-written US niches. But, let’s keep that between us. 

After developing a niche, make sure you are reading a variety of publications in this area. Magazines, newspapers, online subscriptions are all a great way to stay up-to-date with what is happening in your niche. If you know what is happening, you can website content with your own spin on the current issues in your niche. I have seen writers create blogs such as “my latest writing.” A blog like this has a niche focused on the writer. Unless there are many people who have an interest in that writer, as a person, this blog isn’t going to do well. Readers subscribe to blogs to follow the website content, not the writer. Make sure each of your online profiles are focused on your niche, not you as a writer.

Keep this up and you will eventually develop a following. Branch out and create profiles, online website content, answer questions and develop an internet presence around your niche. If you have the time and desire to develop more than one niche, you can do this for several. Just be careful not to spread yourself to thin.
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