Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where to Write Articles

When I began writing I would publish content anywhere it was accepted and I could earn money. But, as I broadened the number of websites where I write articles, it became clear that I could decide where to publish my content. Earnings are not the only factor to consider. The finish look of the article, where pictures are allowed in the article, where links are allowed in the article, etc. determine the website I place it.

Yes: Scholarly articles. They encourage citations.
No: Articles that require photos in the article. All Suite101's photos are added to the bottom of the article.

Yes: How to articles with distinct steps
No: Articles that are educational in nature, but do not necessarily have distinct actionable steps

Yes: Content with lots of links to outside sources. The purpose of a Squidoo "lens" is to encapsulate and organize content on the web. Lenses work well for organizing your own articles, creating backlinks, and also creating affiliate links.
No: Educational articles without links or pictures. For the most part, people don't really read lenses. They scan them for photos, headings and links. If a title catches their eye, they will read pieces of the textual content and keep scanning or skimming down the lens.

Yes: Any short text article (300 words)that you expect to reach 2000 views over it's life to reach maximum payout.
No: Articles with photos or links required. These aren't allowed.

Bright Hub
Yes: Any title your channel manager will approve.

Yes: Buzz, hot topics, newsworthy articles
No: Informative articles that are not current news

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Sandy said...

Heather, I just dicovered you, but you are my idol. Love your blog.

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