Monday, January 25, 2010

Why You Won't Get Rich Writing Web Content

Writing web content is a good way to earn some passive income online. But, I think it is important for everyone to know that you will not get rich doing this. I have seen writer's promote themselves by promising easy money by writing for specific sites using specific techniques. Usually this type of hype promotes their book, which they don't tell you is the real way they make money online. They sell the dream of earning lots of money to those who want to earn as much as they do. Frankly, this type of hype leaves a bad taste in my mouth, it is the reason so many writers flocked to eHow hoping to make thousands of dollars for very little work.

You can make money writing for eHow, and many other websites online, but you will not get rich. Writing is not a career choice for those aspiring to become wealthy. Also, it will take quite a bit of work to write good quality, SEO optimized articles with enough backlinks to keep them ranked well with the search engines.

I write because I have a little extra time when my children are at school and I like to be doing something productive with my time when I am not being a mom. It earns me some extra money, but I do not hope to get rich.


DrKeithCurrie said...

Everyone have a hobby to earn money, but all person can't succeed. Because most of blog or site tell false information. So I'm very sad. Anyone can help me.

Lindsay said...

If you want to "get rich" you really have to build up your own sites and either cash in with advertising/affiliate programs (I enjoy this because there's little to no customer service required) or produce your own products. The people who end up really successful do the latter. It does take time to build up content and traffic though, so eHow, Associated Content, etc. seem like reasonable ways to make some spare change in the meantime.

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