Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writing for ZestBIT

In the Suite forums a writer posted that he used ZestBIT to promote his articles. From his post, I gathered that ZestBIT is like Xomba. Writers create short blurb, blogs, or promos for their articles and post a link to them from within ZestBIT.

I gave it a shot and I was pretty impressed with how easy ZestBIT is to use. As far as the writing interface tool, ZestBIT is pretty amazing. However they are supposed to pay writers for submitting content. I checked back today, and I am not getting credit for any of my views. I have some analytics software that allows me to see that my ZestBIT article IS indeed getting traffic from a link I established online, but ZestBIT isn't giving me credit for them.

So, my opinion is that if you want to use ZestBIT as a quick and easy way to promote your writing go ahead. ZestBit certainly has made it easy to write quick promos for your articles. Just don't count on getting paid for your writing at ZestBIT.

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