Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips for Writing Squidoo Lenses

When you write a Squidoo lens, your lens should be about something you love, or at least are very interested in researching. Lenses are a way to organize web links so that they make sense to a reader. If you are researching a topic, lenses are great tools to organize your research so that it doesn't get lost. Lenses are a little like folders in your internet bookmarks. They should relate to one topic and give many web resources on that topic. The best lenses have a lot of content, lots of links, and most importantly, lots of pictures. People looking at Squidoo lenses don't really take the time to read all the text. They pick out pictures and follow your links. The old phrase a picture is worth a thousand words is the slogan of a Squidoo lens.

Also, because you are targeting web users that are scanning the page, use great headings. Place links, affiliate and product links, that a reader may want to follow throughout your lens.

Oh, and like all web content pay attention to the keywords you are targeting. Make sure your finished page has keyword density of 2-3.5% for maximum traffic. Also, when you are writing your first two sentences of your lens, make sure it will catch a readers attention. This is what shows up in search results. Make it eye grabbing.

When you have done all that, start networking with other Squidoo writers and make yourself known on SquidU. Return all the comments that are left on your lens. The stars do make a difference.

Finally, use the discovery tool to link related lenses together.

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