Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Writing for Dummies.com

Today, I stumbled on yet another place to publish content as a freelance writer. Dummies.com is accepting freelance writer applications through their online form. They request the writer fill in areas of expertise and document their training and experience in that area. Freelance writers are also required to submit a writing sample and a brief explanation of their writing history. Dummies.com did not disclose on their website what their pay was for freelance writers.

I applied today (1/19/2010) to Dummies.com and About.com. Both companies immediately responded that they had received my application. I will post the results of my applications later. I applied in the two areas of writing that I have work experience and a degree: accounting and tax. Unfortunately, these are not the topics I enjoy writing about. Maybe there will be other writing options once I get my foot in the door.

Oh, and About.com offers $500 a month for contributing writers and requires 12 articles a month. It is difficult to get hired by About.com, but well worth the effort.

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